6 Proven Tips to Ace the CELPIP Listening Test

Feb 28,2023

6 Proven Tips to Ace the CELPIP Listening Test

The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program or the CELPIP exam is an important exam in the life of people who want to immigrate to Canada. The test which assesses English language proficiency can give significant trouble to test-takers if not prepared well. Hence, adequate CELPIP Listening is crucial to obtaining a good score in the CELPIP Exam

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The CELPIP, like other English language proficiency exams such as IELTS and PTE, checks a candidate’s language ability in four areas: reading, writing, speaking, and listening, with each skill tested separately. This blog is dedicated to offering the finest Tips for CELPIP Listening preparation and passing CELPIP listening with a high score. Here we go

1. Be Attentive

You can only listen to each recording once during the CELPIP listening test. There is no way to recover information if you lose focus or overlook things. Hence, being focused and calm while listening to information is essential. 

If you don’t comprehend a word or phrase, don’t get stuck and lose track. Leave that and continue to concentrate on other stuff. Aside from listening to specifics, pay attention to the number of persons speaking and the tone of voice, as these can also help you select the correct choices from the options provided.

2. Take Notes While Listening

As previously stated, the CELPIP listening test only plays a recording once, and remembering everything after hearing it just one time is practically not possible. Hence, as you prepare for the CELPIP listening test, make a habit of noting down the things while listening. 

It’s important to remember that you can’t write at the same pace at which the recording runs so don’t try to note down everything. It’s critical here to choose only vital information to write down and use abbreviations to take notes fast.

3. Learn to Manage Time

Time management is the key when taking an important exam like the CELPIP. Each section of the CELPIP test has a time limit. You have around 50 minutes to complete the CELPIP listening test. You must finish the CELPIP section within the timeframe specified. This is only attainable if you practice good time management. 

Keeping track of time when practicing will allow you to adapt the speed you need to maintain while taking the actual exam. A clock is provided on the computer screen’s corner to help you in this aspect. Keep an eye on it throughout the CELPIP listening exam because you cannot afford to lose track of time while taking the same.

4. Make Guesses

The CELPIP test has no negative marking. So, if you don’t know the answer to a question, there’s no harm in making a guess  The incorrect guess will not cost you anything, but the correct guess will help you Improve your CELPIP Listening Score. When making guesses, if you carefully read and comprehend the options, mark off the options that are most likely to be incorrect, and then choose an answer, your chances of making the correct guess increase. So, work in this way if you have sufficient time to do so. 

5. Review Your Answers

Despite the fact that you don’t have much time to complete the CELPIP listening test, we recommend that you set aside some time to review your answers. This is essential to make sure that you did not select the wrong answer by mistake and that you did not leave any of your answers blank. If you did it, you have the chance to rectify your mistake.

6. Practice, Practice, and Practice

The more work and effort you put into something, the more you refine. The same can be said for the CELPIP preparation as well. Hence, practice is the last but not least suggestion for improving not just your CELPIP listening test score but your entire CELPIP Exam score. Practice as much as you possibly can. There is a plethora of free and paid practice material accessible on the internet to assist you in completing the task to the best of your ability. So make the best use of the same.

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Some More Tips

  1. Because the CELPIP Exam is conducted on a computer, candidates must be good with computers. If you are not, it is suggested that you practice using the computer for a few days before the official exam date.
  2. Understanding the test format is the most important need for starting to prepare for any exam in the right way. The same holds true with the CELPIP exam. So, before you begin your CELPIP listening preparation, be quite familiar with the number and sorts of questions you are going to encounter.
  3. Before beginning the exam, take the time to read all of the instructions very carefully.
  4. Spend less time on simple questions and more time on more complex and tricky questions.
  5. There will be minor disturbances in the exam room, like other applicants typing and making noises, so practice taking the exam in such a setting.
  6. Before the test, double-check your equipment. If it isn’t working properly, replace it.
  7. If you have limited time or are having problems completing CELPIP Preparation on your own, get assistance from genuine CELPIP professionals.


Those intending to move to Canada must take an English language proficiency test as a prerequisite and CELPIP is one of the most prevalent options for that. If you are not sufficiently prepared, believe me when I say that this exam can ruin your prospects of moving to the land of paradise. The exam therefore should not be taken lightly, and you must be serious about CELPIP Preparation

The recommendations and instructions listed above must be followed to prepare for the CELPIP listening test in the best manner. To provide additional assistance, our CELPIP exam professionals are available. Contact us whenever you need it.

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My carrier journey was started with the service industry, which turned simultaneously into corporate culture: however, having special feelings with language subjects so, I was hands-on with CELPIP and got the opportunity to show cognitive and meritorious skills. Work, which gives peace of mind is or a sense of satisfaction and encourages me every day is as "a Faculty of Coaching".


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