A Guide to Master PTE-A Repeat Sentences Task in Speaking Exam

Jul 27,2022

A guide to master PTE-A Repeat sentences Task in Speaking Exam

The PTE-A Exam tests your reading and writing skills and assesses your communication skills based on how well you understand and speak English. Hence, a PTE aspirant must have a comprehensive skill-set that will demonstrate a candidate’s ability to express their thoughts precisely. PTE Repeat Sentence is a simple task in PTE Speaking that will Improve Your Overall PTE Score. Although you will need Some Valuable Tips for PTE, repeat sentence practise, and We have come up with the same for you.


The Repeat Sentence task evaluates your skills on how well you can listen, understand and reproduce what you have heard.

In this part, you will hear an audio recording of a short sentence, and immediately afterward, you have to speak out about what you have heard. Expect around 10-12 questions in this task, and each one is 5 to 10 seconds long.

You will get 3 seconds to prepare yourself for the task and 15 seconds to record the task response on the microphone. You have to start immediately after the recording is played because you will not get a notification to begin your speaking.

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How will you Get Scored?

You will get marks for the words that are spoken correctly. Remember that if you pause for longer than 3 seconds, the microphone will close, and you won’t be able to record your response. The scores will contribute to the listening and speaking section scores.

What is the Best Approach to Attempt the Task?

You will only have a few seconds to Prepare Yourself for the Listening. Thus, as the audio starts, concentrate on your listening.

Once the audio starts, try to remember the words and understand the sentence’s meaning. Make notes of essential words quickly if you do not have a sharp memory.

Try to visualise the information conveyed in the picture. Your imagination will give you a rough idea of what is said in the audio.

Repeat the sentence correctly without hesitation as soon as the microphone opens up. You will not have time to correct yourself. So, give your best shot from the first sentence. Even if you have skipped a word or made a mistake, move on immediately.

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What are the Common Mistakes Made in this Task?

Even though it seems a simple task, candidates often struggle with fluency in repeating the sentence.

Let us see what these problems are:

  • Test takers often neglect the importance of practice in the task and consequently score low points in PTE listening. Overconfidence will not help you achieve high in this test. Repeating sentences require concentration in listening and fluent speaking. 
  • One of the common issues is that the sentence is often fast-paced and lengthy. Hence, candidates fail to understand the context of the audio. Also, the chaotic and noisy classrooms create a distracting environment.
  • Many students fail to understand the accent of the speaker. It could be challenging for non-native speakers to understand the articulation of the British, Australian, or Canadian speakers. If you have not practised enough using various mock test practice materials, you will be in trouble.
  • Candidates with poor memory skills struggle to score high points in this task. While you repeat a sentence, you have to remember words correctly and include them in your recording. Inability to record words in your brain will decrease your PTE score significantly.
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Essential Tips for a High Score in Repeat Sentences

1. Proper Pronunciation:

Oral fluency and perfect pronunciation are critical elements in speaking. Listen to podcasts, news channels, and informative talk shows to learn practical speaking skills. Analyse how these speakers put more effort into specific words, maintain their pace while reading, and break a long sentence into small fragments.

2. Understand the Meaning:

Your listening skills will also reflect in your speaking. Hence, if you meaningfully understand the audio context, you can repeat the sentence with accuracy.

3. Avoid Using Fillers:

Although having fillers like “ummm”,” arrr”, and ”hmmm” are natural in communication, try to avoid them as they will lower your confidence level. It would be best if you did not display any signs of hesitation or nervousness. Speak naturally at a regular and steady pace.

4. Make Visual Representation:

Draw a picture of the situation in your mind for better understanding. Visual interpretation of the information will guide you in repeating the sentence.

5. Improve Your Vocabulary:

Create a record of new words during your practice session and ensure that you are familiar with the most likely terms in the test.

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6. Do Not Mimic the Accent:

Native English Speakers have a natural accent in their language. When you try to copy the accent, you are more likely to sound unnatural. Instead, try to speak in your original accent using a natural tone.

7. Practice Well Before the Test:

Regular practice will help you achieve desirable results in your speaking session. PTE Speaking Exam is easy if you brush up on your fundamental communication skills well before the test. While doing your PTE repeat sentence practice, make sure you record yourself and review it to analyse the weaknesses.

8. Do Not Skip the Sentence:

Do not leave the sentence if you cannot recall a word. Instead, repeat as many words as you can. Repeating a few words will fetch you some marks.

9. Do Not Speak Too Slowly:

Remember that you will have only 15 seconds for the task performance. You should be able to repeat the sentence in a given time. Increase your speed during practice tests for better successful results in the final exam.

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PTE Repeat Sentence task tests your ability to record information and utilise it for effective speaking. As a PTE aspirant, you must develop enough skill-set to listen carefully, and understand and repeat sentences for a High Score in the PTE Speaking Exam.

Candidates often lose marks in this part of the speaking section as their assumptions about the task fail during the test. Most test-takers do not practise enough for this task during their PTE Practice Sessions. If you are making the same mistake, we advise you to stop making assumptions and brush up on your skills before Appearing for the PTE Exam.


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Himani Dave is an IELTS and PTE tutor with over three years of experience. She is a Cambridge and Pearson IT-certified tutor and has helped hundreds of students ace the exams and achieve their dream scores. With her friendly and approachable teaching style and a knack for making even the most difficult concepts easy to grasp, she is a rockstar among peers and students.


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