Comparison Between Essay Writing in IELTS and Essay Writing in PTE

Apr 03,2023

Comparison Between Essay Writing in IELTS and Essay Writing in PTE

To enter a foreign country for immigration or study abroad purposes, proof of English language proficiency is required. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and PTE (Pearson Test of English) are among the options to attain the objective. Candidates frequently have difficulty choosing between IELTS and PTE because both exams are highly popular. Only after having a firm grasp of the differences between the two can help candidates to make a choice. Though there are too many, the blog is specifically centered around comparing the essay writing part of the two tests. Let’s discuss the topic in more detail.

Know More About Essay Writing in IELTS & PTE

The IELTS and PTE Exams both include an essay writing task.  Word requirement is somewhat identical, time limit varies a little but essay writing in IELTS writing and essay writing in PTE Writing are quite different in many aspects. What sets them apart from one another is enclosed in the information below.

Essay Writing in IELTS

IELTS Writing demands candidates to complete two essay writing tasks, IELTS writing task 1 and IELTS writing task 2. The first task requires the candidates to write a 150-word essay detailing the given graph or process. The task has to be finished in 20 minutes. The second task requires candidates to write a 250-word essay in 40 minutes. Since just two separate essays have to be written for the whole IELTS writing task, essay writing is a crucial component of the IELTS Exam.

Essay Writing in PTE

In the PTE writing exam, there are three tasks from which only one requires you to write an essay of around 200 words. You have 20 minutes to complete the task. The other two tasks are different, meaning that even if you are not so sure about your essay writing skills, you still have the chance to grab some score in PTE writing. 

PTE Writing vs IELTS Writing – Score Comparison

Both IELTS and PTE exams have different ways of scoring.

The IELTS exam assigns grades between 0 and 9, with a 0.5 gap under each section. In general, universities accept scores between 6 and 6.5. For each section, each candidate receives a band score, and the average score for each section is then determined.

Each test taker receives a score on the PTE exam, which uses a global scale of English and ranges from 90 to 10. Most universities prefer a minimum of 55 to 60 points.

IELTS and PTE score examples are shown in the table below.


Essay Writing in IELTS v/s Essay Writing in PTE

The core of essay writing for the PTE and IELTS are relatively similar in that they both have roughly the same word count and time limit, but there are also a lot of variations. Here are some noticeable differences to take into account when deciding between IELTS and PTE in order to secure a higher writing score.

  1. The IELTS Writing Exam’s whole focus is on essay writing, unlike the PTE writing exam, which only includes essay writing as one component. Essay writing is therefore not a major point of concern if it is PTE writing. If you’re taking the IELTS Exam, though, you should take essay writing far more carefully because it is a lot more important component and can significantly affect your overall IELTS Score.
  1. The essay question in the PTE writing essay is rather straightforward. Only the topic is slightly different. For all of your essays, you can use the same format and practice in the same manner. As a result, preparing and organizing your essay in PTE is fairly simple. Contrarily, the IELTS essay part may present you with any kind of question, such as one that asks for your viewpoint or whether you agree or disagree. The essay’s organization and structure must be decided on the spot in accordance with the question type. IELTS essay writing can undoubtedly be challenging for you in one way or another because you can never be thoroughly prepared for it.
  1. Since you have to type the PTE writing essay on a computer, changing or deleting text will be easy for you. On the other hand, the IELTS writing essay has to be performed in the traditional way of using a pen and paper. I believe that typing on a computer is much faster and simpler than writing with a pen and paper, yet everyone’s choice and preferences may differ. A PTE writing essay is an obvious option if you are a fast typist who enjoys using the keyboard.

IELTS or PTE – Which One to Choose

In the scenario where IELTS and PTE both exams have fame, popularity, and credibility, anyone thinking of taking a language proficiency test wants to understand which of the two fits his needs and abilities the best.  Both IELTS and PTE use a standardized format to evaluate a candidate’s abilities in all four areas—reading, writing, speaking and listening. Both exams are extremely well-liked around the globe yet have very distinct tasks to evaluate a test taker’s proficiency in the English language.

IELTS has been in existence for a while, whereas PTE is a very new and innovative alternative that is increasingly gaining acceptance all across the world. The decision between the two is now required. The student’s ability, talents, comfort level, the need for a quick result (PTE results come much quicker than IELTS), and a number of other criteria all come into play. The decision is ultimately up to you.

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The purpose of both tests, the IELTS and PTE, which evaluate an applicant’s English language proficiency in order to help them study or immigrate overseas, is the same. Candidates must be aware of the distinctions in order to figure out which one best suits them and make an informed decision. The purpose of this blog is to discuss the essay writing parts of the two exams so that you can determine which test is most convenient for you. Hope the information was helpful.

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