Having a Low IELTS Band Score? Study in these USA Universities

Apr 26,2022

Having a Low IELTS Band Score Study in these USA Universities

Every student who wishes to Study in USA strives for a high IELTS score. However, some students may find it challenging to achieve the desired score due to the exam’s complexity. A number of students do not achieve a score of more than 5.5 or 6 on the IELTS exam. For such students, the IELTS Band Score is probably the most concerning factor as it highly impacts their chances to study abroad.

Many USA universities, to their delight, Accept Students with Low IELTS Scores. In the blog, a list of such universities has been created.

Universities in USA Accepting Students with a Low IELTS Band Score

USA Universities
Accepting Low IELTS Score
Minimum IELTS Score Requirement
California State University5.5
North Dakota State University5.5
Old Dominion University5.5
Southern Arkansas University5.5
University of Alabama in Huntsville5.5
University of Mississippi5.5
University of New Haven5.5
University of Missouri5.5
University of South Alabama5.5
State University of New York5.5
Ohio University5.5
North Dakota State University5.5
The University of Texas-Pan American5.5
Central Michigan University5.5
University of Louisiana5.5
Southern New Hampshire University5.5
New Mexico State University5.5
Kent State University6.0
Murray State University6.0
Washington State University6.0
Oklahoma City University6.0
University of Florida6.0
Texas A & M University6.0

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California State University

The California State University was founded in 1965 and is a public university. The university, which is located in San Bernardino, California, provides bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and certification programs in a wide range of subjects. 700+ international students from 60+ countries are a part of the university. Amongst the best universities in the United States, California State University is ranked #401-500.

North Dakota State University

Fargo, North Dakota is home to another state university, North Dakota State University. The university boasts a multicultural student population, with international students from all over the world. The huge array of programs offered by the university includes 100 undergraduate majors, 86 masters, and 50 doctoral degrees.

Old Dominion University

Another public university in the United States, Old Dominion University, offers undergraduate and graduate programs. The university, which was founded in 1930, provides three admissions seasons (fall, winter, and summer) for overseas students. Aside from providing exceptional teaching, the university also offers outstanding residential facilities and scholarship options to international students.

Southern Arkansas University

Southern Arkansas University (SAU) was established in 1909 and currently offers more than 60 different degrees. The public-funded university provides high-quality education at a reasonable cost. Apart from excellent teaching, the university provides a library, multipurpose arena, community hall, counselling center, and other amenities to the students.

University of Alabama in Huntsville

The University of Alabama in Huntsville is a prestigious research university that accepts students from more than 50 countries. The institution provides 88 undergraduate and graduate programs in more than 100 academic disciplines. UAH was founded in 1961.

University of Mississippi

The University of Mississippi is one of the best and fastest-growing in the country. The public, co-educational research university in Oxford, USA, offers top-notch teaching and research facilities. The University of Mississippi is ranked #801-1000 in the QS world university rankings.

University of New Haven

The University of New Haven is a private university in West Haven that was founded in 1920. The university’s distinctive teaching method and prestigious academic offerings make it an attractive place to Study in USA. The institution offers courses in a variety of fields, including business, hospitality, engineering, criminal justice, natural sciences, computer science and cybersecurity, humanities, and many others, allowing students to pursue a variety of interests.

University of Missouri

The public research university, which was founded in 1839, now enrols approximately 20,000 students each year, including international students from over 100 countries. Among the benefits that make the university an attractive destination to study in the United States are the vast selection of 300+ degree programs and fantastic scholarships.

University of South Alabama

The University of South Alabama is a thriving public university that delivers superior facilities and support the students require to do research and accomplish studies. The institution offers undergraduate and graduate studies in a wide range of fields, as well as sports and other exciting facilities.

State University of New York

The State University of New York is a well-known public university around the world. The university, which was established in 1828, provides more than 50 undergraduate and graduate programs. Liberal arts and sciences, education, health care, business, and engineering are some of the popular subjects to study at the university.

Ohio University

Ohio University, which is ranked #1001-1200 in the QS World University Rankings, provides a variety of study options both online and offline. The public university provides you with best-in-class knowledge and lessons that are essential for a successful career path.

North Dakota State University

North Dakota State University is a student-centered research university that provides access to low-cost high-quality education. One of the best universities in the United States offers a modern learning environment required by the students to thrive in the best manner. Engineering, music, business administration, and other fields of study are available at the university.

The University of Texas-Pan American

Located in Edinburg, Texas, the University of Texas-Pan America is a public university. The university offers a wide range of programs, including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. International students looking for a unique and innovative educational experience must consider the university while Planning to Study in USA.

Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University was established in 1892 as a public university. CMU is the place to follow your passion and prepare for your career in a variety of fields including engineering and integrated public relations.

University of Louisiana

The University of Louisiana is a skilled and energetic partner in achieving your career objectives. The university is Louisiana’s second-largest university. There are around 19,000 students enrolled at the university, which provides bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees.

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University, in Hooksett, New Hampshire, is among the country’s leading non-profit online education providers. The institution has all of the essential amenities, such as a library, an engineering and technology building, and a welcome center, to help students learn smoothly and effectively.

New Mexico State University

New Mexico State University is a comprehensive research university committed to providing all levels of teaching, research, and services. The public university, which was established in 1888, offers courses through a number of schools.

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Kent State University

Kent State University, founded in 1910, is a place where people come from all over the world to pursue study that helps to build a better future. The institution provides nearly 300 graduate and undergraduate degree programs in a variety of fields, including accounting, aeronautics, architecture, anthropology, arts, and business. More than 38,000 students from 104 countries are a part of the university which also has over 2,700 faculty members.

Murray State University

Murray State University, founded in 1922 and located in Murray, Kentucky, is a state-funded public university. Health Professions and related programs, Business, Management, Marketing, Education, Engineering and Technologies Agriculture, and related sciences are among the most popular of the 66 undergraduate and 44 graduate programs available at the university.

Washington State University

Washington State University is a great place to pursue higher education in the USA. WSU has almost 1,900 international students from all around the world. Undergraduate programs in 200 fields of study, 78 graduate degrees, and 65 doctoral degrees are available at the university.

Oklahoma City University

Oklahoma City University is a private university with a total enrollment of 2,300 students. With students from more than 40 nations, the university is a multicultural destination for students seeking to Study in USA. Oklahoma City University offers 70 undergraduate degrees and above 20 graduate degrees.

University of Florida

The University of Florida is located in Gainesville, Florida. The public university, which is ranked #173 in the QS World University Rankings 2022, offers programs in a variety of fields, including master’s degrees in computer science, journalism and mass communication, nursing, liberal arts and sciences, business studies, accounting, and engineering, among others. The university, which was founded in 1853, now boasts a total enrolment of about 60,000 students.

Texas A & M University

Texas A&M University is among the best USA universities international students can study in. Via its 17 academic schools and colleges, the institution offers a total of 133 undergraduate and 267 graduate programs. Texas A&M  University accepts international students in the fall and spring semesters only.

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When it comes to getting a good education abroad, the United States is typically the first place the students look for. Students who wish to Study in USA universities must meet a number of prerequisites in order to be admitted to a  USA university, one of which is a qualifying score on the English Language Proficiency Exam. For many people, getting a high band on the IELTS exam is a difficult task, however, can be attained with proper planning, practice, and guidance.

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