How to Gain Your Confidence Back After Several Tries and Failures in IELTS

Mar 31,2023

How to Gain Your Confidence Back After Several Tries and Failures in IELTS

Have you attempted the IELTS Exam in multiple times but got no success? Do not stress out. We know that failures can cause additional pressure, but they should not stop you from achieving your dreams. Now that you are prepared to try again, some additional guidance and strategies from IELTS experts will help you bounce back more confidently. To help you regain confidence, we’ve developed a complete guide on executable steps that will encourage you to deliver better results with a straightforward approach.

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6 Easy Steps to Boost Your Confidence After Multiple Tries and Failures

 If you’ve failed the IELTS test several times and need tips to bounce back with more power, these six strategies will help you improve your performance in the IELTS test. Read these simple steps and follow them before you plan to re-appear for the IELTS next time:

1) Believe That You can Do It

We understand that it is difficult to get back on track after failing multiple times. But, if you stop trying, you won’t be able to achieve your study abroad dreams. Remember that IELTS is only a language proficiency test; you should not feel guilty about scoring low band scores. 

Thousands of candidates re-appear in the IELTS General and IELTS Academic tests, and they all try their best until they get the desired results. Do not let your inner critic stop you from chasing your dreams. 

2) Take a Short Break

If you plan to book back-to-back test dates, let us remind you that it is not the right way. Instead, take a break, go out with your friends, or go on a holiday for a day or two. It will recharge and rejuvenate you for your next attempt, giving you the positive energy you need for a successful result. Indulge yourself in things that make you happy. 

Meanwhile, you can also learn English passively. For instance, engage in an interesting conversation with a friend who is fluent in English, listen to podcasts, read books and newspapers, or watch a Youtube channel. 

3) Prepare a Timetable

Whether it is your first or third attempt, you must dedicate a reasonable amount of time from the first day of IELTS Preparation. No one knows you better than you, right? So, ask yourself questions like which time of the day makes you feel more energized. While some like to study in the early morning, others can only make it in the evening because of their commitment to work. Whatever your situation is, ensure that you dedicate atleast an hour or two to practice and improve your language proficiency in the IELTS Exam. Ensure that you stick to the timetable and utilize your time in IELTS Preparation without being distracted from things or events happening in your immediate surroundings.

4) Identify Your Weaknesses and Work on Them

After attempting IELTS several times, you will now have a clear picture of the areas that need more attention. Ask your questions like which section of the test I scored the least or which part of the IELTS Exam is more challenging for me to prepare. 

As you realise your mistakes and weaknesses, you must start preparing and brush up on your skills with solid determination. While some candidates need more vocabulary, others need better reading skills. Candidates must be open to accepting criticism from family and friends and asking for feedback for further improvement. Learn from your mistakes and identify what can be learned from previous experiences.

5) Practice Using Sample Tests Under Exam Conditions

Sample practice tests are great for IELTS Preparation. But only a few candidates use them correctly. The purpose of these tests is to provide flexibility to test-takers with mock tests in exam conditions. But most of us take advantage by adjusting the time as per our requirements, resulting in poor time management in the actual test.

Make the best use of Sample practice tests and concentrate on the areas that need improvement. The results of these mock tests will give you a realistic idea of your skills and prepare you for the test day with more time left with restricted time limits. Practising under test conditions is extremely helpful in the Writing and reading sections of the IELTS test and ensures that you complete the test earlier than the pre-set time frame.

6) Get Help from Professionals if Required

Sometimes, assistance from expert professionals can have a significant impact on your IELTS band score. Self-preparation is a good practice, but if you fail to get a targeted score after multiple attempts, you must seek guidance from qualified IELTS teachers with years of experience and knowledge in English for IELTS. 

There are several recognized IELTS Coaching Centres providing excellent education and assistance to students seeking help with their English language skills. Remember that the time, money and effort you are investing right now will be all worth it in the future, and you will thank yourself for later.

7) Learn from Your Failures and Get Ready for What is Next

Taking responsibility for your failures is a big thing, and not everyone can do it. A low IELTS Band Score is a major setback for many of us, but don’t make it a failure for a lifetime. The day you realise your real potential and strengths, you’ll understand that you can achieve the impossible and win the game with a good band score. 

The IELTS test is all about improving your language skills. So, without getting disappointed with your previous results, you must indulge in proactive learning and be prepared to ace the IELTS game more confidently.


To attain targeted band scores, candidates must learn from past mistakes, prepare well, and learn positively. Coaching from professional IELTS trainers will also help you improve your band score as they provide essential tips and suggestions for IELTS preparation. Get in touch with us to learn strategies that will help you ace the IELTS exam in one-shot.Keep Learning!

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Kirati Shah

Kirati Shah is a certified IELTS/TOEFL/PTE Trainer with 10 years of experience. She is on a mission to provide good quality lessons about IELTS and PTE through blogs and videos that can help students get their desired score and achieve their dream to migrate/study abroad.


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