How to Get 8 IELTS Band Score in Exam

Mar 31,2023


A remarkable IELTS band score is imperative to realize your Immigration or Study Abroad dream. Hence, it’s obvious for the study abroad intending students to worry about their IELTS band score. Achieving IELTS band 8 is of great value and appreciated by many colleges, universities, and organizations.

An apparent question arises here is – How to Get an IELTS Band Score of 8 in the IELTS Exam? Keep reading the blog to get the answer

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How can I get 8 IELTS Band Score?

We all know an IELTS Exam comprises four sections.

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

All four sections are of equal importance and play a vital role in your overall IELTS band score. You need to ace all four sections to secure IELTS Band Score 8 in the IELTS Exam. Let’s take each section one by one

1. Listening

The listening section of the IELTS exam asks you to answer 40 questions. The questions are based on the audio clips presented in front of you. For every correct answer, you get one mark. Let’s highlight the points that can benefit you with IELTS band score 8 in the listening section

  • Never Depend on Tips and Tricks Completely

You may get the tips and tricks everywhere to get band 8 in the IELTS Listening Section. Though the tips can be useful, relying on them entirely is not good. Hence, in place of focusing on tips and tricks, if you focus more on your study and practice, you are likely to get more perks.

  • Listen Regularly

Listening daily is an excellent practice to aim the IELTS band score 8. Regular listening practice helps you to grab and understand the language easily. Listening daily will also help you to comprehend the accents as well as the framing and structure of the sentences. Lots of online resources are available at the present date using which you can accomplish the task.

  • Concentrate While you Listen

When to listen something, listen with full concentration. Make sure you are not missing anything. Remember, the audio clip will be played to you only once, hence, if you lose something while listening, you are driving yourself to lose the marks.

  • Follow an Approach

To have faultless answers, you must have a perfect strategy or method to follow. Put some effort and figure out what works for you. A proper approach will assist you to complete the IELTS Exam with confidence and acquire your desired IELTS band score 8.

  • Practice

It’s impossible to attain the IELTS band score 8 without adequate practice and preparation. Practice alot. You can find bulk of papers and material to practice for the IELTS exam. Use them appropriately. Sufficient practice is also imperative to learn the time management and complete the exam within given time limits.

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2. Reading

The reading section of the IELTS exam comprise 40 questions. The types of questions include matching, multiple-choice, True/False/Not Given and sentence completion. You secure one mark for every right answer. To Get IELTS band score 8 in the Reading Section, a few points are required to be kept in mind which are as under

  • Do not Give More Than a Minute on One Question

If you do not understand the question completely or not sure about the answer, leave the question and move to next. You can get back to the question if you are left with some extra time in the end. Remember, you have limited time to complete the section, hence, stucking up into a single question can be harmful for you especially if you are aiming for IELTS band score 8.

  • Take Sufficient Time to Understand the Question

You can come up with the correct answers only if you understand the questions correctly. Do not rush while reading the questions. Calm yourself and read questions thoroughly and slowly before drafting answers for the same.

  • Practice Vocabulary

Vocabulary is a crucial aspect of English language so be careful while learning the vocabulary. Vocabulary can be different for different topics, hence, spending sufficient time to grasp the vocabulary is highly imperative to secure IELTS band score 8.

  • Achieve Good Level of Reading Skills

Outstanding reading skills are mandatory to attain band score 8 in IELTS Exam. Work on your reading skills as much as you can. Reading an assorted range of material such as books, magazines, journals and newspapers can be helpful to excel your reading skills and get 8 band score in the IELTS exam.

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3. Writing

The writing section of the IELTS exam includes two tasks. The task 1 demands the test-taker to write a content of 150 words and task 2 asks for a 250 words content. The four criterias you need to focus to Achieve IELTS 8 Band Score in the Writing Section are given as under

  • Grammatical Accuracy

Grammar is a crucial aspect the examiner is going to check in your essay. Minor errors are ok but if you make major grammatical mistakes while drafting your essay, it’s going to create a bad impression on the examiner directing you to lose marks. Hence, you must hold excellent command on grammar to acquire IELTS band score 8.

  • Coherence and Cohesion

Write easily readable and to the point essays. The usage of appropriate connectors and presentation of unique content can drive you towards IELTS 8 band score.

  • Task Achievement

The ideas you describe in your composition must be comprehensible by the examiner. Also, adhering to the given word limit, not copying the question content  and not misleading the given topics are a few things you must be very careful of while aiming for IELTS band score 8.

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4. Speaking

The speaking section of the IELTS exam aims to check the involvement of English in your daily life. You are required to perform a face-to-face conversation with an IELTS examiner during the test. In IELTS Speaking Section, you are judged on the basis of four main criterias which are as under

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  • Fluency

Your fluency in English is keenly observed by the examiner. Hence, if you speak without wavering and with confidence, your chances of getting the IELTS band score 8 are high.

  • Pronunciation

An important factor your examiner will observe is how you pronounce the words especially the complicated ones. If you are able to impress the examiner with pronunciation, you have more chances of acquiring the IELTS band 8 score.

  • Grammar

Grammar i.e. the structuring of the sentences is another significant factor that can make a difference to your marks. Generally, the candidates with poor grammar can neither structure the sentences well nor they can speak fluently which leads to the reduction in marks.

  • Vocabulary

The examiner expects some rich vocabulary while you describe a situation. Also, the usage of idioms and complex, fitting and effective words can aid you to attain IELTS band score 8.

Dear friends, completing the IELTS Exam with a remarkable score is challenging but not impossible. You can easily achieve IELTS band score 8 if you prepare well and take assistance from reliable IELTS experts. If you need such a team, Contact Our IELTS Coaching Experts in Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara or V.V. Nagar.


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