Achieve Best IELTS Band Score: Effective Techniques for Success

Jun 16,2023

Achieve Best IELTS Band Score Effective Techniques for Success

Do you feel disappointed with your latest band score in IELTS? Well, that is what most IELTS aspirants think when they can’t achieve the targeted result in the language proficiency test. While there is no “shortcut” to getting your dream IELTS Band Score, there are strategies you can follow to improve your performance on the test day, and, of course, they work like magic. In today’s blog, we will share some essential strategies to help you get a desired band score in no time. So, let’s get started. 

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IELTS Band Score Chart:

Before beginning with the tactics and tips, let us understand how your IELTS band score is calculated based on your performance in each section. The IELTS band score chart is like a report card for your English skills. It has nine bands, from 0 (low) to 9 (high). Each section (listening, reading, writing, speaking) gets a separate score, averaged for an overall band score. The chart considers the section scores and their importance for your purposes, like university or job. It shows your English proficiency level and areas to improve.

What Does Your IELTS Band Score Mean?

Understanding your IELTS band score is no rocket science. Each band score from 0 to 9 corresponds to your English Language competence level. Have a look.

Band scoreUser Level 
Band 9Expert User
Band 8Very Good User
Band 7Good User
Band 6Competent User
Band 5Modest User
Band 4Limited User
Band 3Extremely Limited User
Band 2Intermittent User
Band 1Non-user
Band 0Did not attempt the test

Calculating Your IELTS Band Score: 

1). Listening And Reading

IELTS band score for the Listening and reading sections will evaluate your performance based on each correct answer. There are 40 questions in listening, and it does not have a negative marking. So, for each correct answer, you will get one mark, and a specific band score is allocated for different sets of markets. Below are the IELTS band score charts for IELTS Listening and Reading sections.


Number of Correct responsesBand Score 


General Training
Number of Correct responsesBand Score 
Academic Training:
Correct ResponsesBand Score

2). Speaking And Writing

The IELTS band score calculation for the Speaking and Writing sections follows specific criteria for assessing a test taker’s performance. For both sections, trained examiners evaluate various aspects to assign a band score.

In the Speaking section, examiners consider fluency and coherence, lexical resource, grammatical range and accuracy, and pronunciation. The scores for these criteria are then averaged to determine the final band score for the Speaking section, ranging from 0 to 9.

Similarly, in the Writing section, examiners evaluate task achievement, coherence and cohesion, and grammatical range and accuracy. Task achievement assesses how well the test taker addresses the writing prompt.

Understanding the assessment criteria for the Speaking and Writing sections can help test takers focus on developing the necessary skills to achieve their desired band score.

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Strategies to Maximize Your IELTS Band Score:

Does your low band score prevent you from getting admission in your desired university or institution? Follow these proven techniques to get a high band score and secure your seat in your favourite college.

1). Learn The Basics First

What do we mean by “basics”? They are the essential elements that will help you gain knowledge of the language and boost your performance in the IELTS Test. For instance, test format, grammar, vocabulary, and essay structure are the key elements that form the foundation of the language test. Hence, it is crucial to start from scratch to master this exam.

2). Read, Read, And Read

Once you’ve understood the test format, you should start reading English books and newspapers to familiarize yourself with the language. The more you read, the better you will understand the context, which will help you perform well in all the test sections. Start with the books that fascinate you so you don’t lose interest at the beginning of the IELTS test preparation. When reading, develop skills like skimming and scanning that help you locate the answers within the passage.

3). Enhance Your Vocabulary

Repeating the exact words in writing or speaking will never get you a good band score. So, what is the solution?

Improve your vocabulary. Yes, it is one of the many IELTS preparation strategies that will work like wonders in your IELTS results. Impressing the examiner with strong language has worked for many test-takers, and it is a “secret” factor that will help increase your band score. So, take a dictionary and try to learn atleast 5-10 words every day. Note down synonyms and antonyms of commonly used words.

4). Pen Down Your Ideas

Why are we emphasizing on “putting your thoughts into words”? There is a reason behind it. Writing your ideas will help to plan an essay and enhances your writing skills. Besides this, brainstorming is also a prime factor in the IELTS Writing section. When writing an essay, arrange your ideas in a structured manner to display a correlation between your thoughts. This helps the examiner to understand your essay.

5). Speak Your Heart Out

Speaking, the most challenging section for non-native English speakers, is where most of them fail to score high. But is it that difficult? Not really. With regular practice and engaging conversation techniques, you can impress the examiner and get more band score in the speaking section. Your examiner is looking for organic ideas presented in a well-structured manner with the proper use of grammar and vocabulary. To conquer this part of the exam, all you need is consistent pace, confidence and command of your speech. 

6). Value Your Resources

The internet is full of IELTS practice materials. Whether it is youtube videos covering IELTS speaking sessions or educational blogs sharing valuable IELTS Tips and Techniques, it is now easier for aspirants to find relevant material for test preparation. From sample practice tests to Essay writing materials, ensure you take advantage of the available resources.  

7). Seek Advice From Industry Experts

If you are still not confident about your performance, you can get a training session from an experienced IELTS coach. Remember that seeking help is always better than failing and regretting later. 

Getting a 7+ IELTS band score is not impossible. YES, you are reading it right. The FORMULA for success is quite simple. UNDERSTAND, PREPARE, AND PRACTICE.

Let us make this easy for you.

  • Understand: What it takes to improve your skills. Test format, strategies, and IELTS band score chart.
  • Prepare: Get ready for what is coming your way in the exam.
  • Practice: Get your hands on what you’ve learned so far in your preparation.

Isn’t it easy? IELTS is a simple language test; you don’t have to be a genius to master this exam. So, don’t let your fear win, and work on your weaknesses to maximize your band score.

Final Thoughts:

Having an impressive IELTS band score is a dream for many candidates. However, most candidates lack the self-confidence and language skills that form the foundation of success in the IELTS test. But with above mentioned techniques it is now possible to ace in this exam. No matter what your current position is, you can work on your skills and maximize your IELTS band score. To gauge your progress, you can use the IELTS band score calculator tools available online and work on the areas that need improvement.

If you still have any doubts about your performance, it is advisable to seek help from professional IELTS trainers at Coaching Square. They will gauge your performance and provide you with sure-shot solutions that will lift your band score significantly. 

So, don’t wait anymore. Get in touch with us. Because we know you are more than capable of achieving your dreams. Good luck!

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