IELTS Exam Preparation: Where & How to Begin?

Mar 31,2023


Studying or settling in an English-inclined country is requires massive efforts. You need to follow steps, submit documentation, face interviews, and whatnot. One such requirement that plays an imperative role in your way to study or migrate abroad is the demonstration of English Language Proficiency. A standardized and highly preferred exam to accomplish the task is the IELTS exam. 

The blog aims to provide the answers of certain faq’s of the IELTS exam along with a structured journey of how to organize and perform Effective IELTS Exam Preparation

What is the IELTS Exam?

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a widespread English language proficiency test that aims to evaluate the English language proficiency of the aspirants who want to study or migrate overseas. IELTS is accepted by a large number of universities, institutes, and other organizations across the globe. IELTS exam is of two types namely IELTS General and IELTS Academic. Both types intend to fulfill different purposes. 

How will IELTS Benefit Your Life? (The Importance of IELTS for Education)

Showcasing the proof of English language proficiency is a crucial requirement to study in an English-inclined country. Many exams are conducted to help students in this respect but IELTS is the most trusted one. The test is a competent option to secure admission to an overseas college or university and can be taken any number of times. 

IELTS is the best pick to manifest your proficiency in English, become a future international student, and successfully achieve a degree taught in the English language. However, securing a good IELTS score is vital to apply for your desired degree programs for which doing sufficient IELTS Exam Preparation is a must. Read the next section to understand how to score well in the IELTS exam.

Tips to Score Well in the IELTS Exam

1. Get to Know the Format of the Test

The IELTS exam is aimed at making the non-English speaking population be able to sustain in English-speaking countries. To score more in the IELTS exam, performing adequate IELTS exam preparation is necessary for which detailed knowledge of the IELTS Exam Pattern is required. A surprise on the day of the exam can shift the focus and quality of your performance so be well prepared.

Let’s take a look at how the IELTS exam operates

Listening Module

This module needs sheer focus and the skills to understand the spoken language. The accent can act as a hurdle but with the right strategies and IELTS study plan, a perfect 9 band score is just round the corner.

Total Time – 40 mins

Total Questions – 40

Your Minimal Aim – 23 of 40

Reading Module

This module is all about how to solve the kink in the passage, the manipulation of words will definitely make it a bit more fun to do

Total Time – 60 mins

Total Questions – 40

Your Minimal Aim – 23 of 40

Writing Module

This module asks for perfection, not only in terms of language but also the structure and content. Prove that English can be your vernacular language too

Total Time – 60 mins

Total Writing Tasks – 2

Academic – General –
Task 1- Report writing based on Graphs,Task 1- Letter writing
Maps, Process or PicturesTask 2- Essay writing
Task 2- Essay writing


This module lets you speak your strangest of dreams and strongest of aims, all fun, and frolic if practiced hard

Total Time – 11-14 mins

Total Phases– 3

Post Understanding the IELTS Exam Pattern, acclimatize yourself with the IELTS exam a little more by attempting sample papers.

Start Your IELTS Exam Preparation

2. Prepare your IELTS Study Plan

Preparing an efficient IELTS study plan can prove to be a great help to perform IELTS Exam Preparation in a beneficial way. Determining your current level of English is important to come up with a fruitful IELTS study plan. Ask yourself questions like 

  • do I need to focus on all sections equally or do specific section/sections need more attention?
  • How much time do I have to prepare for the IELTS exam?
  • What is my current level of English? and likewise.

You can also take help from experienced IELTS professionals to make a perfect IELTS study plan, prepare well and assure an Appreciable Score in Your IELTS Exam.

3. Clarify How the Modules are Scored

Understanding the scoring pattern is much more important than knowing English as a language. The sequence of scoring in the IELTS exam is Content>Structure>Language.

The exam is analyzed in terms of bands where 9 stands for Expert user and 1 is non-user, of English.

Most people aim for a band score of 6 or above so let us see how they are described:

9 Bands

  • Expert user of English
  • Has perfect command over the language and can use it with complete accuracy and fluency
  • Would face no issues in sustaining in an English-speaking nation

8 Bands

  • Very good user of English
  • May make very few mistakes if expressing about any unfamiliar situation
  • Would face no or very fewer issues in surviving in an English-speaking nation

7 Bands

  • Good user of English
  • Is able to cope with difficult English situation
  • May find occasional mistakes but will perform the routine tasks very easily

6 Bands

  • Competent user of English
  • Can express themselves in the everyday situation but may find it difficult to convey thoughts in unfamiliar situations
  • May make frequent mistakes and can misinterpret situations due to lack of language abilities

Each module in IELTS is given a separate band score which is,

  • Listening out of 9
  • Reading out of 9
  • Writing out of 9 
  • Speaking out of 9 

and the average of these 4 is your overall band score.

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4. Strive to check your level

Being new to IELTS is not something that should bother you. Your sole purpose should be scaling yourself against the exam pattern and that can be easily done by practicing regularly under proper guidance. Get yourself assessed by those who are the best in the field. 

Taking frequent tests can avail you of your desired scores but make sure the tests are authorized and reliable. There can be misleading tests that not only waste your time but also hinder your knowledge about the actual test facilities.

Always understand the difference between the practice you do and the preparation you have done. Finishing all the tests does not necessarily make you well prepared for IELTS, it is equally important to work on the errors made and rectify them.

5. Get Knowledge of the Resources you May Need

IELTS is one such examination that has endless sources of practice. Some most frequently used are YouTube videos, IELTS podcasts, IELTS blogs, and free online sessions. However, it is of utmost importance to be safe from scammers who provide fake data and there are plenty of them on the internet. 

Besides all the prep material, a teacher at some point of IELTS Preparation is needed invariably as the Speaking and Writing modules of IELTS are objectively assessed which is not possible for a person to do on his own.

A professional IELTS trainer can not only tell the exact level of band performance of a potential candidate but also aid him in correcting the errors through experimented and trusted knowledge. Identification of the weak points is an indispensable part of the preparation journey as without it there is less chance of improvement. 

A well-thought approach, a wishful mindset and with sheer practice, the International English Language Testing System can be as easy as eating a piece of the pie.


Abroad countries hold endless career and life opportunities. Having sound English language skills is mandatory to study abroad and fulfill your life dreams. Though self-learning is possible, it may trouble you in many ways due to inadequate information and experience. Hence, finding the right partner capable of providing thorough guidance is a wise decision to Achieve Your Desired IELTS Exam Score. If you need one, our IELTS Experts are Happy to Assist You!

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Kirati Shah is a certified IELTS/TOEFL/PTE Trainer with 10 years of experience. She is on a mission to provide good quality lessons about IELTS and PTE through blogs and videos that can help students get their desired score and achieve their dream to migrate/study abroad.


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