Top 10 PTE 50 Score Accepted Universities & Colleges in Canada 

Jul 18,2023

Top 10 PTE 50 Score Accepted Universities & Colleges in Canada

Are you among the hundreds of thousands who want to study in Canada? This country is a magnet for students worldwide, offering mind-blowing educational experiences and a multicultural wonderland. The universities and colleges here are top-notch, making it an ideal destination to pursue higher education with PTE 50 Score.

One important question that concerns international students is, “What language tests do I need to crack to get admission in the top universities in Canada?!” You don’t have to worry anymore because we have the answer. PTE is one of the recognized language proficiency tests to prove your language skills to study abroad, and the good news is top universities in Canada are accepting the PTE Score for their graduate and post-graduate programs. Your next question would be, “What if I don’t have a 60+ score on the PTE test? Well, there are several PTE 50 score accepted universities in Canada where you can apply with a PTE score less than 60.

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Top 10 PTE Accepted Best Universities in Canada

Below is a list of the top 10 PTE 50 score-accepting universities in Canada that allow international students to pursue their academic aspirations and gain valuable skills and knowledge. Students with a PTE score of 50 or above can explore these institutions and choose the one that aligns with their interests and career prospects, setting them on a path to success in Canada’s educational landscape.

Sr. noName of UniversityPTE Score Requirements
1.University of British ColumbiaOverall 65 points, with 60 points in each section
2.Queen’s UniversityMinimum Overall score 60
3.York UniversityMinimum overall score 60
4.University of AlbertaMinimum overall score 61 with minimum 46 score in writing and speaking, (if you don’t choose an ESL Course)
Minimum PTE academic score 50, with 46 score in speaking and writing.
5.University of GuelphOverall PTE score 60 and minimum score 60 for each section
6.Concordia UniversityMinimum overall score 61 with minimum 46 score in witing and speaking, (if you don’t choose an ESL Course)
Minimum PTE academic score 50, with 46 score in speaking and writing.
7.McMaster UniversityOverall score 60 with minimum 60 in writing and speaking
8.University of SaskatchewanMinimum overall score 63, with 59 in individual section 
9.University of ManitobaOverall PTE score 45 and above
10.Western UniversityA minimum overall score 58, with atleast 56 in each section

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List of 10 PTE Accepted Top Colleges in Canada

Although not all colleges in Canada recognize a PTE band score of 50, there are reputable institutions in the country that do accept scores ranging from 50 to 60. Below is a compilation of Canadian colleges that accept a PTE score between 50 to 60. Take a look, and find the one that best suits your requirements. 

Colleges accepting PTE in CanadaPTE Score Requirements
1Seneca CollegeMinimum score 60 for degree and graduate programs
2Humber CollegeMinimum score for degree programs-58 to 60Minimum score for graduate programs 61 to 64
3Centennial CollegeMinimum score 60 and above for majority of programs
4George Brown CollegeOverall 60 with minimum 55 in each exam module
5Georgian CollegeDegree program -61Graduate program-61
6Durham CollegePearson PTE- 58-64
7Algonquin CollegeMinum score 60 with 53 in each module
8Alexander CollegeOverall band score 60, above 60 points in writing section
9Niagara College50+ with minimum 36 points in individual module
10Douglas CollegeMinimum overall score 56

Why Choose PTE? 

If you are still unsure whether you will get admission to top colleges in Canada with your PTE score, we have more reasons to support this decision. Here are some of the reasons why PTE makes the best choice for international students seeking admission in top colleges in Canada.

  1. Recognized by Canadian universities.
  2. Comprehensive assessment of all language skills.
  3. Fast results (within five business days).
  4. Computer-based test for fairness and standardization.
  5. Flexible test dates and locations across Canada.
  6. Authentic English language testing for academic and professional contexts.
  7. Accepted by Canadian immigration authorities for visa applications.
  8. Access to study resources for adequate preparation.

So, your PTE test score is your entry ticket to Canada. While a high PTE score gives you an advantage, some PTE Accepted Colleges in Canada allow students with low scores to enroll in their graduate and post-graduate programs. We hope that the above lists help you choose between top colleges in Canada so that you can turn your study abroad dreams into a reality with a PTE band score below 60.

Know More About PTE Coaching

Top 10 PTE Exam Preparation Tips for High Score

Often, PTE test takers find themselves uncertain about how to approach their PTE preparation. However, there’s no need to worry anymore. We have developed a personalized guide consisting of the top 10 PTE exam preparation strategies to assist candidates in achieving exceptional results on their PTE Test. Take a look at the following valuable tools for PTE Exam Preparation:

  1. Plan in advance
  2. Understand the test format and content
  3. Practice extensively with sample tests
  4. Commence vocabulary study
  5. Concentrate on your chosen subject area
  6. Don’t neglect other subject areas
  7. Utilize reliable study materials
  8. Familiarize yourself with different question types
  9. Maintain an error log for learning purposes
  10. Prepare to take the exam more than once

It’s important to note that in some cases, English language requirements may be relaxed if the candidate has previously pursued their academic studies in English. Moving on to PTE scores for Canada, it’s worth mentioning that specific score requirements vary across universities, with each institution having its own PTE score range or cutoff. Candidates must aim to achieve scores at or above the required level to be eligible for admission. 


With the recognition and acceptance of the Pearson Test of English (PTE) by numerous Canadian universities and colleges, aspiring students have gained a remarkable advantage. PTE’s accessibility, fast results, and impartial evaluation system have made it an excellent choice for students willing to study in top universities in Canada.

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