PTE Reading Fill in the Blanks – Task and Tips Explained 

Jan 27,2023

PTE Reading Fill in the Blanks - Task and Tips Explained 

Are you going to appear in the PTE test soon? You must be looking for the best PTE tips and tricks including Tips for PTE Reading. Here, we’ll explain the PTE reading fill in the blanks task and provide guidance to ace it. Let’s go on!

The PTE test is divided into three sections: speaking & writing, reading and listening. In each section, test-takers are given a variety of questions so that their proficiency in various areas can be assessed. To perform well on the PTE test, you must ace all four sections. Though there are so many PTE Tips & Tricks to provide to help aspirants achieve a sound score in the PTE test, this blog is solely centered around tips for PTE reading fill in the blanks task. Let’s discuss a bit about the task before moving on to the pinpoints

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PTE Reading – Fill in the Blanks Task

Two different types of fill in the blanks tasks, “Fill in the blanks reading & writing” and “Fill in the blanks -reading,” are included in the PTE reading section, each of which contains about 5–6 questions. According to what the test’s name implies, candidates must choose the right words from a set of choices to complete a text that has a few blanks. The purpose of the task is to evaluate the candidate’s grammatical proficiency and context understanding.

Both tasks are similar in conduct, yet slightly different. In “Fill in the blanks – reading” tasks, you are given a text with a few blanks and a box of options that, in most cases, have more options than there are spaces. You need to drag and drop the word into the appropriate blank if you believe it to be the correct one.

On the other hand, the “Fill in the blanks – reading & writing” is a little bit trickier because you also get a drop-down menu of options besides the blank itself, and you must pick the right one.

Tips for PTE Reading – Fill in the Blanks

After reading the above details, the PTE reading fill in the blanks task may seem a little simple, but in reality, it’s not. The task is complex and can certainly put test-takers in trouble. Insufficient and inappropriate preparation may make it harder to perform well on the task and secure a high score. To assist you in the scenario and help you do better on the task, the following tips have been presented. 

1. Read the Whole Paragraph

To find the right answers for the given blanks, it is necessary to read and comprehend the whole paragraph. While we are aware that you are short on time, spending some time reading the passage carefully before coming up with the answers will be worthwhile in the long run. Skimming the content is an essential first step to taking the PTE Reading and filling in the blanks properly. You first must read the given paragraph in order to grasp the main idea of the text and identify the appropriate answers. Since the passages in this task are brief, skimming them fast won’t be a big deal. 

2. Boost Your Knowledge of the Language’s Basics

Another crucial component is having a solid command of English grammar and vocabulary. It will be simpler for you to identify the parts of speech that are suitable for the gap and swiftly rule out the incorrect options if you have a strong hold on English grammar and tenses. If a sentence is in the present tense, for instance, you may immediately find and eliminate verb choices that would work for past or future tense sentences. You can greatly advance your knowledge of the English language by regularly reading English newspapers, attending podcasts, and following English news channels.

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3. Filter Your Options

Reject any word choices that seem obviously false. Try to choose the best answer from the other choices based on what the statement requires. Look over each alternative to see which, from a logical and grammatical standpoint, suits the given text the best.

4. Learn Collocations

Word groups known as collocations are the ones that frequently occur together. The PTE reading fill in the blanks task can be a bit uncomplicated for you if you find and master the common collocations. To master fill in the blanks tasks, you must gain a firm knowledge of “collocations.”  You can be sure of choosing the correct response if a word in the passage works with one of the options in the blank.

5. Be Careful About the Time

The PTE test is all about managing your time effectively. You must be mindful of the passing seconds and utilize them to their fullest. Keep in mind that you can’t afford to spend too much time on any one question, so you must respond swiftly. If you find a blank troublesome, move on to the next without wasting time. In the end, you can go back and make a swift guess.

6. Practice Regularly

The PTE test is tough, and just like the other components, the PTE reading fill in the blanks task requires consistent practice to become proficient. Since the passages in this task are largely on academic subjects, literature, or social science, it would be beneficial to concentrate a little more on these subjects during practice.

It is advised to take as many PTE Practice Exams as you can to get ready and improve your chances of getting the PTE score you want. You can take PTE practice exams online to hone your expertise and raise your scores in all PTE task sections, including PTE reading.

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PTE is an important test that can determine your future and achievements. Leaving any gaps in your exam preparation can cost you a fortune. Take your time, do your preparation exhaustively, and don’t rush to book a test date. Our PTE experts are always there to help you if you lack faith in your English skills or feel that your preparation is falling short for your goals.


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