Should You Rely on Free CELPIP Practice Materials?

Aug 22,2022

Should you rely on Free CELPIP Practice Materials

When you are Preparing for Canada Immigration, the CELPIP test plays an essential role in constructing the roadway. To ace the tests, you should be practicing hard because in most cases, CLB Level 9 is the requirement. CELPIP is scored from 12, and to achieve 9 is not a trivial challenge. While online CELPIP study materials can help you achieve the desired score in CELPIP, there always lies a million-dollar question of whether the free CELPIP practice materials you got are authentic.

The Scarcity of Online CELPIP Study Materials

It has been a few years since CELPIP has gotten everybody’s attention, especially in India which is the biggest player in Canada Immigration. The number of CELPIP test takers is steadily rising as it is getting harder to acquire required bands in IELTS, writing, and speaking, per see.

CELPIP is easier than IELTS, and there is no second thought about it. However, the only gray area the candidates find in the test preparation is the material. Searching for authentic CELPIP materials for study practice renders a few genuine results, Paragon’s paid CELPIP materials being the topmost.

Preapre Yourself for CELPIP Exam

Paragon’s Genuine and Authentic Paid CELPIP Materials

CELPIP, in a way, is owned by Paragon. The company offers genuine materials for CELPIP Test Preparations in several forms mentioned below –

  1. Online CELPIP General tests bundles
  2. Online CELPIP Reading questions practice (in test bundles)
  3. Online CELPIP Listening questions practice (in test bundles)
  4. Online CELPIP Speaking questions practice (in test bundles)
  5. Online CELPIP Writing questions practice (in test bundles)
  6. Online CELPIP General LS (Listening and Speaking) test bundles

Upon opening an account (registering on the portal), Paragon provides you with two free CELPIP sample tests.

Other than CELPIP study materials and practice questions online, Paragon also offers a few printed books and eBooks (pdf) –

  1. CELPIP Focus (Reading and Writing)
  2. Reading Your Way into English
  3. CELPIP Study Guide – Reading and Writing
  4. CELPIP Study Guide – Listening and Speaking
  5. Common CELPIP Errors
Start Your CELPIP Exam Preparation

Paragon also offers a unique online course for CELPIP as a self-directed way to learn and get desired CELPIP bands.

  • Accelerate -Reading and Writing
  • Accelerate – Listening and Speaking

All the above-mentioned CELPIP study materials and CELPIP Practice Tests are designed and published by Paragon, the CELPIP test maker. If you go by Paragon’s guidelines, no other CELPIP practice test materials or question banks are as authentic as the ones listed on their website (

Free CELPIP Practice Materials

All the CELPIP question practice materials, except for two sample CELPIP tests on Paragon, are paid ones. The candidates need to shell out extra bucks to buy genuine CELPIP study materials online or offline. In most cases, the test-takers have already paid CELPIP Coaching fees and, therefore, paying extra for practice material and question banks makes them reluctant to go for it. Ultimately, students search for free CELPIP practice materials, questions, and mock tests.

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Quality comes with a price, and it goes true even for CELPIP Test Preparation. Many education companies and CELPIP faculties make questions on their own and upload them on their personal blogs, Google Drive, or portal as CELPIP tutorials. While such materials could have been developed by authentic persons or institutes, they don’t follow the standards and predefined difficulty levels set by Paragon. In other words, Paragon’s paid CELPIP materials and mock tests have been made under strict guidelines of the English test; all other CELPIP online question banks are either taken from somewhere else (readymade sources) or built on inferior quality.

CELPIP Tutor – The Best Judge

Your CELPIP tutor or coach is the best judge. You can ask them about the free CELPIP online materials for practice and test preparation. If you find any CELPIP questions to practice on the Internet, download them or bookmark them to ask your faculty about their genuineness. If they approve the free online materials for CELPIP, you can practice them and ask for the master’s help to solve them, grade your answers, and probably label you with grades from 12 levels.

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My carrier journey was started with the service industry, which turned simultaneously into corporate culture: however, having special feelings with language subjects so, I was hands-on with CELPIP and got the opportunity to show cognitive and meritorious skills. Work, which gives peace of mind is or a sense of satisfaction and encourages me every day is as "a Faculty of Coaching".


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