When I Should Think to Book IELTS Exam Date?

Apr 03,2023

When I Should Think to Book IELTS Exam Date

Are you sure to register for your IELTS Exam next week? Wait, think before you take any action. Your IELTS test results are determinant of your success. Test takers must be confident enough to attempt the test before they book the Language proficiency test for immigration and higher education purpose. 

Whether it is an academic or General, paper-based or computerized IELTS test, one must know when is the right time to book an IELTS exam that assures you guaranteed success in the IELTS Exam. Your IELTS Band Score depends upon some essential factors worth considering before you book the test date. Let’s help you understand these factors in detail.

Things to do before taking your IELTS Exam Date:

1. Understand IELTS exam Format: 

The first and most important task when undertaking an IELTS Exam is to understand the exam structure and its components in detail.

The test comprises four modules, each of which tests the candidate’s ability to understand English. These modules are: Listening, Writing, Reading, and Speaking. The first three modules are conducted on a single-day test lasting about 2 hrs and 45 minutes, while the speaking test is conducted individually before or after the LWR test day.

The proficiency of each component is measured in bands, where 1 band means poor or lowest score and 9 bands is the highest band score. The average score of all the modules is your overall IELTS band score. Listening and reading tests have 40 questions divided into different sections where each correct answer contributes to your band score. The IELTS Writing test is divided into two major tasks, and the Academic and General IELTS exam tasks are different. Also, note that the marking for the Listening and reading tests for the General and Academic Exam is different.

The speaking test is divided into three parts, where an examiner evaluates your speaking skills in a one-to-one conversation.

You can check out the detailed IELTS Test Format to better understand all the components.

2. Measure Your Skills:

Now that you’ve understood the exam pattern, it is time to analyze your skills.

Why measure yourself?

Well, the main idea is to know where you stand and which areas need more attention and improvement. It will help you identify your weaknesses and set a bar to clear the test with a targeted band score. One must measure their skills after every practice test to get a clear picture of their language abilities.

3. Take IELTS Coaching If Required:

 While some test takers can perform well even after studying independently, others need to learn more basic skills and professional guidance. Many IELTS Coaching centers offer online and offline learning sessions for IELTS aspirants and help them to get their desired band score.

Although numerous IELTS study materials are available online, getting IELTS coaching from experienced teachers can help you learn those “unique” strategies that can instantly boost your score.

4. Prepare a Study Timetable: 

Whether or not you opt for coaching, having a solid action plan for your IELTS preparation is a must to ace the test with the desired band score. Analyze which areas need more attention and practice, and set your monthly or weekly goals. For example, if you consistently score above seven bands in Listening and score less than five in writing, you should dedicate more hours to your writing skills than Listening. Hence, create a timetable that allows you to enhance the essential language skills you lack.

5. Give Enough Time for Preparation:

Take your time for IELTS Preparation. While some of your friends claim to achieve desired band score on the first attempt, you might not get it in the first go. Thus, you should always know your limitations and plan accordingly. It doesn’t mean that you give years in IELTS preparation. Dedicate 2 to 3 months and work hard during this period to get that golden band score.

6. Decide Which Method Suits You More:

 You can now choose from two options: Paper-based and Computerised tests.

Many of your friends and expert advisors will attempt to brainwash your mind with rumors and anticipations. Try to avoid them and choose the best way that works for you.

If you have good typing speed, you can choose to go with a computerized test instead then paper-based test. Both IELTS exams are designed to facilitate candidates with a comfortable test setup.

7. Book IELTS Exam Date For Test:

Now that you have conquered your fears and are fully prepared to give your first attempt, visit the IELTS website, check the available dates, and decide which suits you best.

While several dates are available for a computerized test every month, IELTS paper-based exam is conducted 2-3 times for Academic and General Training candidates every month. 

One should always consider other factors before booking the test, such as the next intake for admission to foreign universities, the location of the test center, and college application deadlines. Also, remember that computerized tests deliver results faster than paper-based exams. Thus, you can take a computerized test to get your results sooner.

Final Words: 

The IELTS Exam Date can be booked anytime, but appearing for the exam without preparation may cost you money, time, and effort. The inability to answer questions in the IELTS test will make the entire test futile. One must plan carefully before they book for an IELTS exam and start brushing up their language skills months before their test date.

If you are looking for a reputable IELTS Coaching center that can assist you in learning English and guide you with IELTS essentials, speak to our expert IELTS trainers who possess immense knowledge and years of experience in teaching.

 You’ll receive the best tips and tricks on IELTS from them. Good luck with your test!


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Kirati Shah

Kirati Shah is a certified IELTS/TOEFL/PTE Trainer with 10 years of experience. She is on a mission to provide good quality lessons about IELTS and PTE through blogs and videos that can help students get their desired score and achieve their dream to migrate/study abroad.


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