Top 10 UK Universities Accepting PTE 50 Scores

Jul 25,2023

Top 10 UK Universities Accepting PTE 50 Scores

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a widely recognized English language proficiency test, especially among international students seeking higher education opportunities in English-speaking countries like the United Kingdom. When considering studying in the UK, achieving a PTE score of 50 or above opens doors to some of the country’s top universities. 

In this blog, we will explore the top 10 PTE 50 Score Accepted Universities in UK, making them attractive options for aspiring students worldwide.

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Top 10 PTE Accepted Top Universities in the UK.

Studying in the United Kingdom offers an enriching academic experience, and with the Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) being widely accepted, international students have more opportunities than ever. Here is a list of the top 10 universities in UK accepting the PTE Score for various academic programs:

Sr. NoName of the UniversityPTE Score RequirementAcademic Program
1.University College London59-75Standard level: 62 overall, minimum 59 in each skill.

Good level: 69 overall, minimum 62 in each skill.

Advanced level: 75 overall, minimum 62 for each skill
2Imperial College London56-62Undergraduate course-62 overall (minimum 56 in all sections)

Postgraduate course-69 overall (minimum 62 in all sections)
3University of Bristol60Undergraduate – 67 overall with at least 60 in each section
4University of Leeds60-64Undergraduate  – 60 overall, having at least 56 in each section
5Univeristy of Edinburgh59-70PTE Academic UKVI  with 54 overall and 54 in each component.
6London School of Economics and Political Science58-65Postgraduate -Overall 70, minimum 62 in each section.
7University of Warwick62-79Undergraduate -60 with no less than 59 in each communication skills.   
Postgraduate -Overall score 62
8University of Birmingham51-67Overall score 64 for no less than 59 in each module
9University of Bath62-69University of Edinburgh
10University of Manchester65-76Undergraduate -70 overall with no less than 65 in any individual component.

Postgraduate -Overall 76, minimum 70 in each section.

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These are among the best universities in the UK and they offer flourishing career opportunities to international students enrolled in their graduate, post-graduate, and research programs. If you have a competitive PTE Test score, you can easily secure your seat in one of the top universities listed above. With this you have a chance to embrace world-class education at some of the best universities in the UK, where academic excellence merges with cultural diversity, and innovative programs foster intellectual growth. 

List of PTE 50 Score Accepted Universities in the UK:

Are you dreaming of studying in the UK but failing to touch your PTE 60 score? Numerous esteemed study UK universities now consider PTE scores as low as 50, providing opportunities for students who might not have achieved above 60. These institutions offer outstanding education, a dynamic campus life, and a nurturing environment to ensure student success. Let’s explore the top 10 PTE 50 Score-accepting Universities in the UK for those seeking academic excellence.

SR. NoName of the UniversityPTE Score Requirement
1The University of LeicesterOverall 56 with minimum of 51 in each component
2Solent UniversityUndergraduate- Overall 56 and at least 51 in each module
Postgraduate -Overall 61 , at least 56 in writing and 51 in listening, reading and speaking
3The University of EssexOverall score 60 and minimum 51 in each module
4University of East LondonUndergraduate- 51 (All Components, Reading and Listening),56 (Writing and Speaking)
Postgraduate- 56 (Writing and Reading)62 or 67 (all components)
5Middlesex UniversityUndergraduate- Overall score 51 with atleast 51 in all components 
Postgraduate- Overall score 58 with minimum 51 in all components
6Durham university3-year advanced diploma programs – PTE Academic: minimum 53 overall, no section below 49
7University of NottinghamUndergraduate- Overall score 51 with at least 51 in all components 
Postgraduate- Overall score 58 with minimum 51 in all components
8The University of SterlingUndergraduate- 54 overall and a minimum of 51 in all components.
Postgraduate- 60 overall with minimum 56 in speaking and listening and 60 in reading and writing.
9University of AberdeenUndergraduate- Overall score 59 with minimum 59 in each skill
10Newcastle UniversityMinimum 51 in each test section
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Some of the Other PTE Universities in the UK Are

Apart from the above-listed best universities in the UK, there are other educational institutions in the UK that also consider PTE results for the admission process. Check out the list below to find out UK universities that allow you to Study in UK based on your PTE test results.

Although these are not among the list of top UK in universities recognize the potential of international students and offer excellent academic opportunities.

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PTE Score Requirement for UK Study Visa in 2023

Although PTE score requirements vary depending on the academic program and educational institution, applicants must meet the minimum PTE score requirements for applying for a Tier-4 study visa. Here are the details of the PTE score for getting a UK study visa.

1). Student Visa (below degree level): PTE score 43 for PTE Academic UKVI

2). Student Visa (equivalent to degree level and above): PTE score 59 in PTE Academic or PTE Academic UKVI.

End Note 

Embarking on a journey to study in the UK opens doors to unparalleled educational opportunities.These top 10 universities in the UK are renowned for their commitment to academic brilliance, nurturing talent, and providing a platform for personal growth. As you plan your academic journey, keep in mind that the choice of university should align with your academic goals, career aspirations, and personal preferences. Take the time to research each university’s offerings, campus culture, and support services to make the best-informed decision. 

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