CELPIP Scoring: Levels of CELPIP Score for all Sections

Apr 29,2022

Understanding CELPIP Scoring Levels

Introduction to CELPIP

CELPIP(Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program) is a proficiency test taken by professionals and immigrants for permanent residency applications and professional designations.

There are Two Categories of CELPIP Exam

CELPIP General:

  • It is a three-hour test that assesses test takers’ Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking skills. (Mainly for permanent residency applications and professional designations).

CELPIP General LS:

  • The General LS test assesses a candidate’s listening and speaking abilities for citizenship applications and professional designations in Canada. It takes an hour to complete the test.
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CELPIP Score Chart and CLB Level

Each section of CELPIP General and CELPIP General LS has a CELPIP level, usually your CELPIP score. Your CELPIP Scores Chart have been set for reference against the CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) level. 

The following table shows the CELPIP descriptor for each CLB level.

CLB Level      CELPIP LevelCElPIP Descriptor
0,1,2MMinimal proficiency or insufficient information to assess
33Some proficiency in limited contexts
44Adequate proficiency for day to day activities
55Acquiring proficiency in workplace and community context
66Developing proficiency in workplace and community contexts
77Adequate proficiency in workplace and community contexts
88Good proficiency in workplace and community contexts
99Effective proficiency in workplace and community contexts
1010Highly effective proficiency in workplace and community contexts
1111Advanced proficiency in workplace and community contexts
1212Advanced proficiency in workplace and community contexts

CELPIP Score in Reading and Listening Test

As the reading and listening test of CELPIP Exam contains multiple-choice questions, the CELPIP score is evaluated against the number of correct answers. There are 38 questions in the reading and listening sections. So, the CELPIP level is set according to the number of right answers from 38 questions in each section.

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CELPIP Reading Score Chart And Level for Test

The table below shows the CELPIP level in the Reading Test that corresponds to the number of correct answers. With the increase in difficulty level, CELPIP Scores may vary depending upon the level of question.

Reading Score Out of 38CELPIP Level
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CELPIP Listening Score Chart And Level for Test

The table below shows the CELPIP Level in the Listening Test that corresponds to the number of correct answers. With the increase in the level of difficulty, CELPIP Scores may vary depending on the level of the question.

Listening Score Out of 38CELPIP Level

Marking in Listening and reading is comparatively easy as it does not count against other marking criteria. But, for the writing and speaking test, expert examiners evaluate the answer against various factors like grammar, structure, and vocabulary.

CELPIP Score in Writing and Speaking

In Speaking Test and Writing Test examiners analyze candidate’s level of communication in response to different tasks allocated.Test-takers are allotted CELPIP level M to 12 depending upon the following criteria:

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CELPIP Score in Speaking

The Following Factors Determine The CELPIP Level in The Speaking Test:


  • The examiner analyses that the speaker uses a full range of purposes and objectives during the conversation. Speaker’s ability to present information and develop ideas in a complex, clear, and precise manner.


  • Speakers are analyzed depending on the choice of different words, phrases, and idioms. The examiner also verifies that the candidate uses a wide range of vocabulary precisely.


  • Examiners assess the speaker’s ability in various grammatical structures, a fluent rhythm, intonation, and pronunciation in their task response.

Task Fulfilment:

  • Marking has been done on the candidate’s ability to express their situation and relevance to the topic given clearly. It is also verified that the candidate presents the idea in a proper tone for a specific situation.
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CELPIP Score in Writing

A Candidate’s Writing Skills are Assessed on The Following Factors:


  • The writer’s ability to express complex formal and informal text using a full range of purposes is checked. Well-developed ideas containing sufficient facts and details with extended descriptions will have more marks.


  • Examiners will give scores depending on the choice of words and phrases. Response with a specialised and wide range of vocabulary with precise meaning will carry more marks.


  • You must use a range of complex and diverse grammatical structures to ensure a good score in writing. Don’t forget to connect ideas and make transitions between paragraphs to show a good flow of ideas in your task response.

Task Fulfilment:

  • The score is given according to the test taker’s ability to respond to the task with well-structured ideas. Test takers should provide answers that are relevant to the question. You are likely to lose marks if your task response is off track.
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How is The CELPIP Score Determined?

Rating criteria

The Performance Standards section of this page’s top navigation lists the rating dimensions that have been created for the writing and speaking components:
Speaking: Content/coherence, vocabulary, listenability, and task completion when speaking

Writing: Task completion, vocabulary, readability, and content/coherence
There are five different performance levels for each dimension. For each level in each dimension, performance descriptions are given. By spotting concrete evidence in the test-takers performance that corresponds to the descriptors on the rating scale, raters award a level in each dimension.

CELPIP speaking and writing tests are assessed by multiple raters. While a minimum of three raters assess CELPIP Speaking, a CELPIP Writing Task is rated by four raters. These raters are well-trained to analyze specific details in your answer. They work independently of one another.


Once the initial rating of a test taker’s response is done, the raters are asked for an agreement.If the ratings do not match, a benchmark rater is assigned to assess the performance. A benchmark rater is an experienced rater who analyses minor details and is consistent in his work. Benchmark raters are unknown about initial ratings.

The final speaking and writing scores are then transformed into a CELPIP level.

How is the final CELPIP score determined?

The dimensional ratings that the raters assigned are used to calculate the Speaking and Writing component scores. A CELPIP level is then created from these scores. The transformation guidelines were developed by specialists in the English language who took part in a standard-setting process. Setting standards is a labor-intensive, research-based procedure. To determine what language learners must be able to achieve at each performance level, such as CLB 8, language experts collaborate with testing specialists. The experts then conduct a thorough analysis of the test to establish what degree of performance is required for each CELPIP level. Through this procedure, a valid correlation between each Speaking and Writing component score and the associated CELPIP level has been established.

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It is essential to know the format of the CELPIP Test to Understand the CELPIP Score system. At first, it may not seem very clear, but the CELPIP scoring system is designed to provide efficient results to the candidates.

CELPIP listening and reading tests are assessed based on correct answers to multiple-choice questions. While speaking and writing tests, CELPIP scores are provided considering different language parameters essential for basic communication.

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  • How is the CELPIP reading score calculated?

    The reading score in the CELPIP test is determined by the number of accurate responses given by the test-taker in the reading segment. Every correct answer earns one point, while there are no deductions for wrong answers or questions left unanswered. The final score, ranging from 0 to 12, is based on the total number of correct answers.

  • Is 7 a good score in CELPIP?

    A score of 7 in the CELPIP test is generally considered a good score, indicating moderate English proficiency. However, whether it is sufficient or not depends on the purpose of taking the test and the requirements of the organisation or institution that the test taker is applying to.

  • What is CLB 7 score in CELPIP?

    A CLB level 7 score in CELPIP is a score of 7 in each component of the CELPIP-General test. It indicates an intermediate level of English proficiency and is the minimum language requirement for most federal economic immigration programs in Canada.

  • Is CLB 7 sufficient for Canada PR?

    A CLB level 7 is the minimum language proficiency level required for most federal economic immigration programs in Canada. However, meeting this requirement does not guarantee eligibility for permanent residency, as other factors are also considered. It’s essential to research the program requirements for which you are applying and aim to exceed the minimum requirements.

  • Is a CELPIP score of 5 good?

    A CELPIP score of 5 is considered a low score and indicates a basic level of English proficiency. It is not sufficient for most visa programs in Canada.

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