Where to Get CELPIP Practice Materials for FREE?

Aug 24,2022


CELPIP, as compared to other English tests (TOEFL, PTE, and IELTS) is in its infancy, but it is growing at a rapid rate. While the number of CELPIP test takers is increasing day by day, the primary concern to all is where to Get CELPIP Practice Materials for Free? The answer to this question is quite complex and disappointing! Because you don’t find any Free CELPIP Practice Questions on the Internet.

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What is CELPIP Practice Material?

Most English tests come with a special subscription or paid materials. For instance, IELTS has Cambridge IELTS volumes for both tests Academic and General. While anyone can buy those books, there are soft copies too available for sale.

Apart from practice tests, there are a number of other supporting books that help test takers excel in the language and get the desired bands. For instance, Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS is the book that teaches test takers the required vocabulary words for the test. Studying such a book will improve students’ choice of words and writing style which, in turn, will get them better bands in Writing and Speaking.

Paragon has a Lot of CELPIP Practice Test Materials and CELPIP books that learners can buy from their official website under Paid Study Material. Nevertheless, for each test or a bunch of books/online materials, the students need to shell out hefty amounts.

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There are two major concerns though –

  • The high cost of the materials
  • The subscription limitations

Though Paragon comes up with discounted prices regularly, it is still not affordable for a student, especially from countries where the currency is low. The learners have already spent hefty amounts on the CELPIP Coaching Classes and they expect no other expenses for their CELPIP Test Preparations.

On the other hand, even if someone buys CELPIP test materials, it comes with a validity of six months. There have been several cases where students attended CELPIP online classes at reputed institutes or took private CELPIP coaching from a qualified and certified CELPIP tutor, but due to personal or professional reasons, they could not take the CELPIP test. As a result, they passed the period of six months and the subscription for CELPIP test materials expired.

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Free CELPIP Materials for Practice

English tests such as IELTS and PTE have been there for several years and, therefore, there are many players in the market who have developed their own materials for practicing such as free questions and free mock tests. However, when it comes to Free CELPIP Practice Test Samples and free CELPIP mock tests, there are very few or no resources available.

Those who want to take the CELPIP test are quite concerned about the cost and subscription limitations and, therefore, they seek free online CELPIP question banks to practice. CELPIP free mock tests and free CELPIP practice materials would not ask them for any money and hence there is no question of any expiry date for the subscriptions.

Students can find free CELPIP study materials on the websites and on YouTube. They simply need to search ‘Free practice CELPIP materials’ or ‘Download free CELPIP mock tests’ to get the list of hundreds of links that direct them to the questions.

CELPIP test preparation is available for free for the following CELPIP modules –

  • Free CELPIP reading tests and questions
  • Free CELPIP listening tests and questions
  • Free CELPIP speaking tests and questions
  • Free CELPIP writing tests and questions
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Caution While You Practice from Free CELPIP Study Materials

Paragon warns test takers to CELPIP question practice from free sources as the materials available may not be up to the mark. The CELPIP questions and mock tests prepared by Paragon are authentic and developed by Paragon-certified test makers. The CELPIP teaching institutes and CELPIP certified tutors who share free CELPIP materials should be responsible for the quality of the practice tests. Paragon holds itself no responsibility for the authenticity of any free CELPIP Listening, Reading, Writing, or Speaking questions to practice.

Nevertheless, it is also observed that certified tutors and Institutes for CELPIP Coaching put their experience to choose free CELPIP test materials and question practice before they offer them to their students.

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Himani Dave

Himani Dave is an IELTS and PTE tutor with over three years of experience. She is a Cambridge and Pearson IT-certified tutor and has helped hundreds of students ace the exams and achieve their dream scores. With her friendly and approachable teaching style and a knack for making even the most difficult concepts easy to grasp, she is a rockstar among peers and students.


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